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Mintbody has really changed my way of life. I suffer from acne and have for a long time and now as an adult it is very frustrating to deal with. Mintbody has made an incredible impact on how my face looks. Julia is amazing! She gives me great advice and have seen such an incredible difference from when I first started almost 6 months ago. I love this place and I really believe you deserve to pamper yourself. This place is a dream and I look forward to my appointments every month. The membership is worth every penny. I look forward to continuing my face journey at this spa.Like

Lizett Diaz

Mintbody Med Spa in Cypress is the best of the best. They really care about your looks and they go the extra mile to make you happy. I have been to different spas in Houston, and this one is way better than any other I have visited. Keep up the good work ladies!

Carmen Lohmann

Thank you for keeping your word with your service. I highly recommend this spa. The owner Taif and her staff go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with the products and services. They are honest and highly committed on making sure their clients are well taken care of. It is something I truly find to be rare here in Texas. I value the time and care the owner and nurse took with me. I know I am going to be a long time client of this establishment for years to come. If you're thinking of stopping by dont think twice. You'll be more than happy.

Bella Vignola